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Jesus’ Evangelism Tips

Jesus set the example in sharing our faith in John 4, as he introduces a Samaritan woman to himself. Here are ten helpful tips that we can learn from Jesus’ example.

Start by reading John 4:1-6.

I. Jesus Took the Initiative to Start the Conversation
• John 4:7-9
II. Jesus Crossed Barriers to Bring Her the Gospel
• John 4:9
III. Jesus Turned the Conversation to Spiritual Matters
• John 4:10
• Luke 12:12 – The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say
IV. Jesus Listened to Her
• John 4:11-12
V. Jesus Refused to be Sidetracked; He Stayed Focused on Her Spiritual Need
• John 4:13-15
• He responded with grace and accuracy to her objections
VI. Jesus Did Not Pick the Fruit Too Quickly
• John 4:15
• Jesus was intentional, focus, AND patient
VII. Jesus Pointed Out Her Sin
• John 4:15-18
• NOTE: Jesus won her trust before pointing out her sin
• Evangelism is not evangelism if it does not point out sin
o There is a reason the Old Testament came before the New
VIII. Jesus Refused to Let Her Off the Hook
• John 4:19-24
IX. Jesus Called for the Woman to Submit Her Life to Him
• John 4:23-24
• “The Father is seeking such people to worship Him.”
X. Jesus Introduced Himself to Her
• John 4:25-26
• We must get to the point where we ask people to make a decision
The Woman Leaves Her Water Pot
• John 4:27-30
• The Gospel transforms! The woman left her pot and became a missionary.

For more information, feel free to check out the book Evangelism Is… by Dave Earley and David Wheeler.


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