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Said No Friend Ever Series Begins Tonight!

One of the most defining things in your life is the people you surround yourselves with. Your friends will either help you become who God created you to be or they will pull them away from what God has in store for you. Tonight I want to encourage you to surround yourselves with the right peers and ask the tough question am I doing that or do I need to make some changes. Join us tonight for Session #1, “Make or Break.”

That All May Know

Roger Jones


Daily You Must Choose To Walk In His Ways!

As I was reading my devotions from Jesus Calling, Sarah Young was talking about how God gives us peace continually. As I read this, I also thought about how God wants us to choose daily to walk with Him and avoid going our way (temptation). Listen to what she says what God says to us, but when she mentions the word peace, I am going to use the words strength to withstand temptation.

“Peace/Strength to withstand temptation is My continual gift to you. It flows abundantly from My thrown of grace. Just as the Israelites could not store up manna for the future but had to gather it daily, so it is with my peace/ strength to withstand temptation. The day-by-day collecting of manna kept My people aware of their dependence on me. Similarly, I give you sufficient peace/ strength to withstand temptation when you come to me by prayer and petition. If I gave you permanent peace/ strength to withstand temptation, independent of My presence, you might fall into the trap of self-sufficiency. May that never be.

I have designed you to need Me moment by moment, day by day. As your awareness of your neediness increases, so does your realization of my abundant sufficiency. I can meet every one of your needs without draining My resources at all. Approach My throne of grace with bold confidence, receiving my peace/ strength to withstand temptation with a thankful heart.”

May we daily ask God to give us the strength to avoid temptation because if we do not, we may fall! And though we may fall, God will pick us up. However, let us choose to walk with Him so we may be the example to others.

That All May Know

Roger Jones

Graduation Recognition Service



Graduates must submit completed Graduate Recognition Questionnaires along with a photo* to Pastor Roger by May 12, 2014 to be included in the special bulletin.

Forms are available in the Ministry Rack and on www.northmainbc.net/students or just click this Graduate Recognition Form 2014.

*Photos will be displayed only for graduates who are present in the service.

Join us for D3 Student VBS 2014

Get introduced to the world of real intelligence gathering as you investigate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Each night includes games with prizes, worship, Bible Study and food including a pizza party one night and making a ginormous banana split on another!

Register on our NMBC Broadcast Student Ministry page!


Broadcast D-Now had a great opening night and I have the honor of hanging with our 6-7th Grade Boys! This morning in our quiet time we looked at Psalm 146:10. Our devotion said,

“We live in a culture that wants everything right now. This is why sometimes the Christian life can be so difficult because sometimes God tells us to wait. Sometimes we need to be still, know that God is big, and know that His ways are best and in the end He will win! When was the last time you just sat and waited on God to speak to you?”

Looking to how God speaks to us all today at Broadcast D-Now “Empowered!”

Learning To Be Still In The Chaos!

Do you understand what it means when God says “Be Still?” For a Pastor to Students, the spring time means it is going to get really busy and it is easy to get so caught up in making sure everything is taken care of that I fail to remember to “Be Still” in His presence. Sarah Young writes in her devotional, “Jesus Calling” these profound words that God is speaking to me and to you.

“Be still in my presence even though countless tasks clamor for your attention. Nothing is as important as spending time with Me. While you wait in My presence, I do My best work within you. If you skimp out on this time with Me, you may plunge headlong into the wrong activities, missing the richness of what I have planned for you. As you wait in My presence, enjoy the greatest gift of all: Christ in you, the hope of Glory!”

May we all learn to sit and rest in His presence!

That All May Know

Roger Jones


Parent Meeting/Joint Worship


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