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Congrats To Our Broadcast Seniors!

The weekend is finally here for our Broadcast Graduates! I am very happy and proud for them; however, I am sad as I am saying goodbye as they soon begin a new phase in their lives. Graduates, I am praying Proverbs 16:9 over you all. Solomon says in our heart we plan our course but The Lord directs our steps. Always put God first in all you do and He will lead you down the right path. Remember, following Jesus is often hard but will always be worth it!

Congrats: Cutler Blankenship, Michael Chavez, Carley Ford, Makenna Jones, Hannah Shields and Caleb Unger!


PA Mission Trip Meeting: Wednesday Night @ 6:30pm in The Studio

Broadcast Students: If you have committed to go to PA, don’t forget we have our first meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 pm in The Studio. We are blessed to have a great number in going and so we will be splitting our group into 3 groups; therefore it is important you be here as we will be assigning you to teams and your input is needed to see what you like to do on your team. If you cannot come and you have not told me yet, please shoot me a text or email to let me know. I know with sports teams and end of the year exams, some of you will not be able to attend. Please understand, we will assign you to a team tomorrow night and let you know where you will be serving.

That All May Know

Roger Jones

Broadcast Parents: One More Reminder For The Meeting

Broadcast Parents, please do not forget to bring me the following items:

1) Your student’s form I mailed to you. Brenda will be there to notarize your from.

2) A copy of their insurance card

3) Final Payment for camp, if in your letter I mailed to you stated you had a remaining balance.

Any questions please give me a call!

That All May Know

Roger Jones

(434) 836-4892 Office

(434) 251-3769 Cell


Centri-Fuge Camp Meeting: Sunday Night @ 5:15 pm In The Studio

Broadcast Parents and Students, don’t forget we have a VERY IMPORTMANT Centri-Fuge Camp meeting this Sunday night at 5:15 pm in the Studio. We will discuss all the information you need to know to prepare for camp as well as some guidelines for your students. Parents, if you cannot come, I will need to meet with you at another time for me to quickly review the information I will give you. Please let me know either by email, tex message, phone call or face to face if you cannot come and when we can get together.

That All May Know

Roger Jones

How Often Do We Pray For Our Children

Broadcast Parents and Students, I had the wonderful opportunity to pray for Makenna yesterday morning as she was heading to school to take her Government AP exam. After she left, I began to think of all the things she has participated in in her high school years and all the times that I cheered her on. I began to think in my own life, how many times I have cheered her on versus how many times I have prayed for her. Now I am not talking about when she had a big test, a big decision, a big game or a big presentation. I am talking about a daily prayer for her and not only for her but I begin to think about Tate and Jacoby as well.

There are many scriptures we can pray over our children. Two scriptures that are great to pray over our children are 2 Peter 3:18, “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.” Also Proverbs 3:3 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; write them on the tablet of your heart.”

It is my personal prayer that I will daily lift up my children to the Lord. Parents, I want to encourage you to do the same. I want to challenge you to ask the same question I asked myself; do you pray as much for your children as you cheer them on at their extracurricular events? Let your children know that you are daily praying for them. I cannot think of a greater joy we can experience as parents for one day seeing our children carrying on this powerful tradition with their children as well. (Psalm 103:15-18)

That All May Know

Roger Jones

Join Us Wednesday Night As We Wrap Up Our Series “Said No Friend Ever.”

Lesson #3: I Will Lead You Away From God

It’s impossible to live the right life when you have the wrong friends. Tomorrow night, we will challenge you to make the right decisions about who you allow to be your close friends. We want to encourage you to look into your friend group and determine if your friends are leading you in the right direction. Join us Wednesday night as we wrap us our series, “Said No Friend Ever.”

That All May Know

Roger Jones

Session #2: I Don’t Care

Broadcast Students, join us tonight as we will be in session #2 of the series, “Said No Friend Ever.” This week as we continue to talk about friendship we are going to flip the discussion around on ourselves. We are going to challenge each other to look at ourselves and see if we ourselves are great friends to others.

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